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Your Platform for Token Launches on Solana through Telegram. Discover an innovative solution that simplifies token deployment, trading, and revenue sharing.


More than just a
Telegram Bot

If you're seeking a streamlined solution for token launches with enhanced accessibility and security, explore our Telegram bot for Solana token deployment. With its intuitive interface, automated contract development, and robust safety measures, it revolutionizes the process of launching tokens on the Solana blockchain.

Experience the convenience of deploying tokens directly through Telegram. Our bot simplifies the entire process, from contract creation to liquidity management, ensuring a hassle-free experience for developers. With features such as order book establishment, safety measures for tokens, and revenue sharing for holders, it's the ultimate tool for token deployment on Solana.

Why choose Berylbit?

Choose Berylbit for seamless token launches via Telegram, innovative features, efficient processes, revenue sharing, and active community engagement, all in one comprehensive solution.

Seamless Integration

With Berylbit, you can launch tokens on Solana directly through Telegram, offering unparalleled convenience and accessibility.

Innovative Features

Benefit from advanced features such as automated contract development, order book establishment, and safety measures for tokens, ensuring a smooth and secure token launch experience.


Berylbit optimizes the token launch process by bundling transactions and managing liquidity effectively, saving you time and resources.

Revenue Sharing

Token holders enjoy a share of the revenue generated by Berylbit, incentivizing long-term participation and loyalty.

Berylbit Advantages

Berylbit offers a host of advantages for token creators and traders alike. From simplified token launches on Solana via Telegram to innovative features like automated contract development and liquidity management, Berylbit streamlines the entire process. With revenue sharing opportunities for token holders and an active community, Berylbit stands out as the go-to platform for hassle-free token deployment and trading.

Easy Token Launches

Deploy tokens on Solana seamlessly through Telegram, simplifying the entire process for creators.

Innovative Features

Benefit from advanced functionalities like automated contract development and liquidity management, ensuring a smooth token launch experience.

Revenue Sharing

Token holders enjoy revenue share opportunities, fostering long-term engagement and loyalty within the Berylbit community.


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